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Hello and thank you for stumbling upon my blog and taking the time to read…

My name’s Megan and until June 2015, I was just a normal 18 year old: just about to start a nursing degree in a few months and was ready to have a fun-filled, pink wine filled summer, it was going to be epic. A-level stress was but a brief blur in my fickle mind and results were far too far to actually be taken seriously at this point. After a week to unwind post-exam stress, I was off to Greece with my best friends to celebrate properly: life was blissful.

It was Monday the 29th of June, a seemingly ordinary Monday morning when I had a phone call from the local doctor’s surgery to go and get some X-ray results.

That’s when what felt like a bombshell struck my life, with the debris thumping into the life of everyone who loved me: I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, type 3B cancer.

Since then I have received 6 months of Chemotherapy. In between waiting for my hair to grow back I am juggling two jobs, a social life, trying to keep as healthy as possible, planning a summer trip to Canada, and preparing to move to Cardiff to begin my nursing degree in September.

The last year has been the toughest and shittiest time of my life so far, but I am glad that I can say that I am finally cancer-free, and am living a relatively normal life once again.

Hopefully, by carrying on with my blog I will be able to reach out to someone, anyone who’s going or been through the same or struggling to see an end to the hospitals and the chemo, because there is life after cancer!

Cancer has taught me all the cliché things about life; not to take it for granted and to enjoy every single moment to the best of your ability. It has also taught me things I never knew about myself and my family and friends; for everything it has taken away from me, it has taught me so much.

I am so grateful for every single person who has helped me on my journey to recovery: from friends and family to anyone who took the time to ask about me, and all the amazing medical staff I have come to contact with as well as all my blog readers for the lovely comments.

I am so lucky to have beaten cancer and be alive now because so many people aren’t as fortunate as I am. I hope the blog and fundraising efforts can help anyone out there who’s struggling and needs just a little inspiration. It is hard and gruelling at times, but when you do reach that light at the end of the tunnel, it’s bloody worth it because you’ll feel invincible.



10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Angela Jenkinson says:

    Hi Megan, It was so nice to read your story , there are no words that I can say that will make a difference to your health but I really hope you continue to be strong and beat this thing …I know with the love of your family and friends you will battle on . P.S. your mam is my daughter’s teacher, the very best of luck xxx


  2. jane rosewarne says:

    Diolch am rannu dy brofiadau ar y siwrne annodd ma.Ti’n ysbrydiolaeth i ni gyd.Cariad mawr xx
    Thanks for sharing your journey.You’re inspirational xxx


  3. Val says:

    Hi Megan- just read this via a post on Facebook and wanted to wish you all the best.
    I had Hodgkins and was treated in Bangor, was diagnosed 13 years ago and am now great as I’m sure you will be too xxx


  4. Iola Ynyr says:

    Helo Megan – wedi ffeindio dy flog di’n hynod o bwerus ac yn edmygu dy ddewrder a dy onestrwydd. Roeddwn i mor falch o ddeall bod dy driniaeth di wedi bod yn llwyddiannus. Mae’n amlwg dy fod ti’n awyddus i rannu dy stori. Tybed allwn ni yn Fran Wen fod o gymorth yn hyn o gwbl?

    Croeso i ti gysylltu hefo fi am sgwrs ond dallt yn iawn os nad wyt ti am neud hefyd .

    Cofion cynnes


  5. Einir Wyn Roberts says:

    Helo megan newydd ddarllen dy flog ar ôl gweld “ mwgsi” yn y galeri nithiwr .. geni dim ond parch atat a dwi yn edmygu dy ddewrder a dy gryfder yn llwyr .. Ti yn berson anhygoel a ysbrydiolaeth i nifer .. pob lwc ir dyfodol a gobeithion gorau xxx Einir Eins roberts


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