After treatment, I was at a slight loss: I didn’t really know what to do with all the time on my hands. I was done with chemo and without my routine I had nothing to do. I couldn’t lie in bed any longer or watch any more daytime tv: in fact, the thought of being in my bed for a second longer gave me the shivers. I wanted my life back so I had to keep busy, but I often pushed myself too far so ended up compensating for it by spending the next few days in bed anyway. It took me some time to realise what my body’s limits were and how far I could push myself before being utterly zonked.

A few months down the line… and it’s May already (!) but I finally seem to know the limitations of my body and how far I can push it, and myself.

When I was first diagnosed, I made it my mission to raise as much money as I could for Alaw Ward at Bangor Hospital, The Little Princess Trust, who make real-hair wigs for teenagers who lose their hair during chemotherapy and CLIC sergeant. With the help of friends, I have raised £5, 800 since September so I would like to thank everyone who has donated and raised money in my name.

Ward Alaw has been phenomenal over the course of my diagnosis and treatment. I went to the ward every other Friday for six months and whenever my pick-line broke or came out, they were more than happy to fix it. All the members of staff were really, truly amazing. The nurses were so lovely and even tolerated my noisy friends! There were days where I felt like crap and I couldn’t face another moment of chemotherapy but they always went out of their way to make me feel better – I can’t thank them enough.

As you all know, in November I shaved off my hair off, which was a horrific moment and one of the lowest points of the illness. The only solace was that I had a real-hair wig to wear, made by the Little Princess Trust. I felt confident in my wig. It was a way for me to be ‘normal’ again, at least on the outside, like I didn’t have cancer (and as normal as I ever am!) Since my diagnosis and my support of the Little Princess Trust campaign, many friends and local people have cut their hair and donated it to the charity so they can go on creating lovely wigs for more cancer patients.

CLIC Sargent is a charity that supports young people with cancer. They are a growing charity but they are truly amazing. They provide support and advice for patients and families going through cancer. My support worker was so kind and helpful and she sorted so much out for me. She sorted out the things that I would never have thought about, things that I didn’t want to think about. She made my life with cancer that little bit easier.

These three charities gave me so much throughout my treatment so I want to do one more thing before closing the fundraising account. Now that I’m back to ‘regular health’ I have decided to do a skydive on the 21st of May in Lancaster with Iola, my boyfriend’s sister!

I really cannot express well enough how amazing these three deserved charities have been with me, and undoubtedly, many other cancer patients over the course of treatment. Without them I would never had made it through the last few months or made it out of the dark pit that is cancer.

I would appreciate any donation towards such amazing charities so that it can go towards helping young person who’s going through cancer.

Wish us luck!!!




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